About Roo

Roo Sangster-Bullers is an artist who lives and works in North Norfolk. 

Roo's work is mainly figurative. Sometimes portraits.      Sometimes semblances, half                       remembered. Sometimes purely imaginary. She looks behind the surface, beyond externalities. 
She wants to reveal hidden narratives. Age. Isolation. Eccentricity. Insularity. Time. The human condition. All are recurring themes. Her subjects often face straight towards the viewer, connecting, confronting, challenging the viewer to do more than look. 

Roo’s work can also be inspired by her surroundings; personal evocations of the coast and countryside, as well as still life and interiors of places she loves. 

Roo studied art under Mike Bibby at Cambridge University and with Antoinette Symington in Norfolk. She is a Royal Society of British Artists prize winner and has exhibited widely in London, Norfolk and throughout the UK. She runs the gallery at Art Café, Glandford and owns two dachshunds and a pug.